Monthly Archives: April 2015

Airsoftdb introduction video

Today, the 1st April we are happy to introduce the website Airsoftdb ( and the introduction video for the global airsoft community. is a search engine to find airsoft products from shops worldwide.


The website is in early beta preview version so the website is in constant development and new and improved features are being added successively.

We think it’s better to let airsofters try the services the website provides during development than release it later with more functionality since we think it will help a lot of airsofters to find airsoft related products with the current functionality.

At the moment we have around one hundred indexed shops from different countries worldwide. We add new shops continuously and following a selfmade list with shops with the aim to cover many countries rather than have all shops from limited countries (currently).

Please give us feedback and also give us suggestions of shops you want to have indexed and find products from on Airsoftdb.