Videos from IWA 2016

Airsoftdb’s videos from IWA 2016.

Our videos will be added to this blog post. We don’t have videos from all airsoft exhibitors because in some cases it was the same products as was shown at their booths at SHOT Show.

Here is the playlist with all our videos from IWA 2016.

See a list with all our videos below.

IWA 2016: Wolverine Airsoft presented Wraith CO2 Stock and Bolt

IWA 2016: Fabarm STF/12 Series (BO Manufacture)

IWA 2016: MTO Phantom presentation (BO Manufacture)

IWA 2016: King Arms

IWA 2016: SRC Airsoft

IWA 2016: LCT Airsoft

IWA 2016: Cybergun Famas Valorisé prototype

IWA 2016: BOLT MB5 BRSS prototype

IWA 2016: Nuprol

IWA 2016: BB King

IWA 2016: Gunfire

IWA 2016: Classic Army

IWA 2016: PolarStar Airsoft

IWA 2016: Enola Gaye EG18X

IWA 2016: VegaForceCompany (VFC)

IWA 2016: Double Eagle

IWA 2016: Pirani Springs

IWA 2016: Modify XTC CQB

IWA 2016: ActionSportGames (ASG)

IWA 2016: G&G Armament

IWA 2016: ASP (Airsoft Pioneer)

IWA 2016: Silverback Airsoft (SRS A1)

IWA 2016: Evolution Airsoft

IWA 2016: SPC (

IWA 2016: Umarex airsoft

IWA 2016: SKW Airsoft with Duel Code and Zoxna

IWA 2016: RedWolf Airsoft and RWA

IWA 2016: The distributor iWholesales with brands like APS and Armorer Works (video)

That is all our videos from IWA 2016.