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Happy New Airsoft Year 2017!

Today is the last day of 2016 and this year has been busy with the development of Airsoftdb both in terms of adding new shops and countries as well as general development, which includes some functionality that will be released next year. We’ve also attended the trade-shows SHOT Show 2016 and IWA 2016 and produced several videos together with the airsoft industry.

We want to thank everyone for the support and feedback we’ve received during the year from visitors, shop representants and representants from the airsoft industry.

In 2017 we will at least attend SHOT Show 2017 and IWA 2017.

Cheers and a Happy New Airsoft Year from the team behind Airsoftdb!

Happy New Airsoft Year

Happy New Airsoft Year

The end of 2015 is near that included the release of the beta preview of Airsoftdb to let people search and find products related to airsoft from shops and stores worldwide. This has been a exciting year for us that started with the trade-show IWA in Germany and meetings with lots of people from the airsoft industry that saw interest and liked the project.

In the next year (2016) we will of course continue with the development and improve the experience in many ways including the features described in the previous blog post 4 months of Airsoftdb.

Cheers and a Happy New Airsoft Year from the team behind Airsoftdb!

4 months of Airsoftdb

Four months ago we released Airsoftdb with an early beta preview of a search engine to find products from shops and stores worldwide. It has been a bit quiet here in our blog and on our social media channels but behind the scenes we continue to add new shops and stores and improving the search engine.

We’re happy about the feedback we receive from both consumers, shops and the airsoft industry in general and as well suggestions of shops people want to have searchable. One of our most requested feature to add is more filters, such as only display products in stock, and our next large update will include that including a better search experience.