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The “BB finder” is now live

We are now happy to release (what we call) the “BB finder” on Airsoftdb (or AirsoftDB) so you as an airsoft player easily can find where to buy the BB products you are looking for.

This functionality is in early beta (and on experimental basis) just like this website itself so improvements are being made constantly.

The default view of the BB finder. The products are in random order and updates every hour.

Currently you can find BBs from around 40 different brands, but more will be added later on (as well as eg. more detailed tech spec lists).

How a product page for this product looks like for a visitor from Denmark.

Also with this, you will see the (indexed) retailers from your country first, per product. If there are no indexed shops in your country (with the specific product or not paired yet) you can choose to see a wider area.

The main functionality is still the search and at this point we have close to 400 indexed shops from around 36 countries (+ several states in the US). The work to add shops is an ongoing process and our goal is to add so many as possible, so visitors from all countries will get a good experience.

We hope that many enjoy what we do for the airsoft community.

Lets try the BB finder: https://www.airsoftdb.com/products/airsoft-bbs/

Also please let us know what you think about this and the functionality!

Airsoftdb presentation at Airsoft Meetup (IWA 2017)

Fredrik and Mikael held a presentation about Airsoftdb and the new widget at the event Airsoft Meetup (IWA 2017).

From now it’s possible for websites (eg. news and blogs) to get a widget for product search. The widget is free.

If you want to have the widget on your own website, please contact us for more information.

Airsoftdb introduction video

Today, the 1st April we are happy to introduce the website Airsoftdb (Airsoftdb.com) and the introduction video for the global airsoft community. Airsoftdb.com is a search engine to find airsoft products from shops worldwide.


The website is in early beta preview version so the website is in constant development and new and improved features are being added successively.

We think it’s better to let airsofters try the services the website provides during development than release it later with more functionality since we think it will help a lot of airsofters to find airsoft related products with the current functionality.

At the moment we have around one hundred indexed shops from different countries worldwide. We add new shops continuously and following a selfmade list with shops with the aim to cover many countries rather than have all shops from limited countries (currently).

Please give us feedback and also give us suggestions of shops you want to have indexed and find products from on Airsoftdb.

Welcome to Airsoftdb early beta preview

Airsoftdb at IWA 2015

About a week after the exhibition IWA OutdoorClassics 2015 in Nuremberg, Germany, we will finally release this early (beta) preview of the website Airsoftdb (www.airsoftdb.com) which is a search engine for the purpose of helping airsofters to find products from airsoft shops and also helping airsoft shops to find potential customers.

The website is detecting where the visitors are from and show the more local shops first, by country (or by state if in the U.S.). If there are no shops from the visitors location the visitor will see shops from one or more level up (eg. continent or worldwide). Read more about locations and how it works.

The early (beta) preview release has temporarily limited functionality and indexed shops, so keep in mind that this version and functionality is not the final just a preview.

We who are working with the website are mainly from the Swedish airsoft website Airsoft.nu and we attended IWA 2015 as press for Airsoft.nu to report about new and upcoming products from the airsoft industry.

We hope you enjoy this service and will be of help to you finding airsoft products more easily.