How to search on Airsoftdb

Airsoftdb is currently in early (beta) preview which means that we both are adding new shops to our search index but also regularly experimenting to improve the search experience.

During this early preview we recommend you to experiment and try search what you're looking for. You can search on what we call too broad searches, such as "M4", "MP5" or a brand name but you should not expect to get back a good search result. Instead, be as specific as possible to narrow the search result and then remove words if you don't get any results.

Currently your search query matches against each product's name and it's common that shops change name of their products from its distributor or brand which means that products may not be found even if they have the products you're looking for.

To limit the search results it is possible to use quotation marks around your keywords, such as "0.20g". Everything within the quotation marks will be searched exactly on the spelling but ignore the ordering of the words.

The in stock filter can be used to only display products that our system has identified to be in stock. However, since errors may exists always contact the shop to confirm the availability of the product you're looking for.

The system automatically detects your location and tailors its search results to show products from shops which are most local to you, by country (or by state if in the U.S.). If we successfully can detect your location you will see that the search is against your location but can be changed in the dropdown menu to another target, such as another country or continent to show products from shops in that location.